Liv Olteano is born – novella coming out spring 2013 with Dreamspinner Press

I’m delighted to say I’ve signed with the awesome Dreamspinner Press for a (hot) novella that will be out March/April 2013! It’ll be published under Liv Olteano, not an entirely new pen name just a m/m dedicated spin on Livia Olteano.

And after giving it much consideration, I still have no idea if I should or should not dedicate a special place to Liv Olteano or if she can live here at Livia Olteano’s place. What do you guys think?

Would you like to get updates on Liv Olteano from here or from a new place?
I decided to give Liv Olteano her own place. When the new subdomain kicks in I’ll update this post with the addy. Facebook&Twitters will remain the same 🙂

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