Signed with Crimson Romance for a contemporary romance! Kyaaaaa!!

God, I’m SO loving this year! So here’s my awesome news:

On April 1st I signed with Crimson Romance for Blitzkrieg Love, a New Adult Contemporary (hot!) Romance. The title may or may not suffer changes, but that’s what it’s called right now so I’m going with it. 😀 No, this is not a joke. Seriously, lol. I signed a contract and everything xDDD
Totally geeking out over this,as you can imagine.

I’m particularly in love with this story, and I’m lovingly calling it my March Baby because it was born and was given real life in March, all in March. This spring has been a whirlwind of snow(!), inspiration and good news. Did I mention I’m totally freaking out about this?

2013 may possibly be my best year yet.

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